Blue Man Group Three CD

Blue Man Group present their third studio album, THREE, on April 22, 2016, featuring 14 new instrumental tracks.

THREE is a modern snapshot, capturing a moment in the constantly expanding world of the Blue Man Group. Building upon their previous studio albums, including the gold-certified, Grammy-nominated Audio (1999), and sophomore concept album The Complex (2003), THREE draws inspiration from 25 years of creative growth and development.

The instrumental music features exciting sonic explorations from a wide array of newly developed instruments including the Snorkelbone, a creation that utilizes a plastic hose to produce a whirring, pulsating tone when swung in the air; a PVC pipe take on the traditionally wooden aboriginal instrument, the Didgeridoo; and the Chimeulum, which is best described as orchestral chimes on steroids ; and many more.

1. Dispatches 1
2. The Forge
3. Hex Suit
4. 3 To 1
5. Alive
6. Snorkelbone
7. Cimbalom 9
8. Robots Not
9. Creature Feature
10. Vortex
11. Tone Spokes
12. Dispatches 2
13. Giacometti
14. Torus

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