Blue Man Group Megastar Blu-ray

Blue Man Group on a Blu-ray Disc.

HOW TO BE A MEGASTAR LIVE, filmed and recorded live in front of capacity crowds of over 40,000 fans during a two-day run of the music and performance art trio's exhilarating 06- 07 How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.0.

Blue Man Group s inventive new how-to-manual, which expands on the Rock Concert Manual concept from The Complex Rock Tour, will take you through the steps of a wildly clever and interactive show that offers unique all-ages appeal.

This Blu-ray contains as bonus features: the video for I Feel Love, the comedic parody Mono Makes a Plea Save the TVs campaign and the documentary Inside The Tube, which provides an intimate look inside Blue Man Group's creative process and history.

DVD: Above / Drumbone / Time To Start / Up to the Roof / Altering Appearances /Persona / Your Attention / Piano Smasher / Gumballs And Marshmallows / Sing Along / One Of These Days / 2001 Theme/TV Heads / Shadows / The Complex / Light Suits / I Feel Love / Rock And Go / Baba O Reilly / What Is Rock

Bonus Content: Inside The Tube -Behind-the-scenes look at The Blue Man Group / I Feel Love (music video)

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Additional Info

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